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About Us

Welcome to Casting Room Miniatures.

I think that I should begin by saying that we are in fact an offshoot of Wargames Foundry!

Most of you are probably familiar with our massive Wargames Foundry site.

We used to sell a number of the Casting Room ranges on our main website in the past, but have not done so for quite a while. However, they have mostly been available in our store and by special order for people who rang us up and asked!

We have a stock of everything you see on this site. Mostly it's Historical ranges, but there is also a selection of Fantasy models on Casting Room. We have about 4,000 different models currently available.

The Casting Room Miniatures ranges are (so far): Hittites, Nubians, Trojan Wars/Mycenaeans, Spanish and Carthaginians, Persians, Dark Age Warriors, Gauls, Chinese, Normans, Saxons, Medievals, Renaissance, Elizabethans/Tudors, English Civil War, Marlburians, Seven Years War French, Black Powder Civilians/Rebels & Rioters, Zulu Wars British and Zulus and Victorians/Edwardians that are also suited to Old West.

Various huge Napoleonic Ranges: Austrians, British, French, Portuguese, Prussians, Russians and Saxons.

Fantasy ranges: Street Fighters, Greek Mythology, Amazons, War MaidensAdventurersRangers.

On the WARGAMES FOUNDRY site (www.wargamesfoundry.com) you can get all our original models (a large number of models sculpted by the Perry Brothers in the early days of Citadel, larger numbers of later models from the Perrys made for Foundry, models by Mike Owen, Mark Copplestone, Shane Hoyle, Will Hannah, Mark Simms, Nick Collier, Tim Prow etc). All of these models were commissioned and put into production when Clifford then Bryan Ansell were running things.

What happened was: Cliff, then Bryan retired from the fray, leaving various Other Hands running things between 2006 and 2012.

Much of our original range was discontinued. The models that are now available on Casting Room were used as their replacements.

During the period of Ansell absence, many of the Perry sculpted models were discontinued. These have all been restored to our main Foundry site since.

In the summer of 2012, the Ansell family: Bryan, Diane and Marcus started running Foundry again. We returned our original models (mostly models sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry) to their places on our main website and moved the 'new' ranges to Casting Room.

There are about 20,000 models available from Wargames Foundry. More are on their way.

On the CASTING ROOM MINIATURES site you can get alternate versions of many of the models from WARGAMES FOUNDRY alongside various interesting odds and ends only available on CASTING ROOM. These models were sculpted by Rob Baker, Matthew Bickley, Martin Buck, Colin Dixon, Andy Ellis, Adam Gayford, Michael Percy, John Pickford, Tim Prow and Ronnie Shilton.

These alternate versions were made between 2006 and 2012. They are compatible in size and proportion to the earlier Wargames Foundry models but in many cases are somewhat different in style according to the preferences and idiosyncrasies of the individual sculptors.

We then moved our factory and shop to East Stoke (near Newark). We are now located in an 1812 building that bears a very close resemblance to La Haye Sainte. We have a lot of space here and we have been using it to hold periodic events and suchlike. Get in touch with us if you fancy organising your own events here. We can come up with food and are licenced for Alcohol (for larger parties).

We are now in a position where we can manage to run both all our entire original ranges and the majority of the 'replacement' ranges at the same time.

We are starting to build a model soldier museum here. Bryan has thousands of nicely painted Citadel models. These are the ones that featured in White Dwarf while he was running Citadel/Games Workshop: and of course we have the thousands of models from Bryan's old Wargaming armies. Bryan got to keep Games Workshop's collection of painted models and buildings when he sold up.

We have about 10,000 models on display so far.

We should say that our original Foundry models are entirely compatible in size with the Casting Room Ranges: many of them used the Foundry manikins as a basis. But they have been sculpted in various somewhat different styles; according to the individual preferences of the various sculptors. In most cases there is a family resemblance though.

If you would like to see a (random) sample from a particular range of your choice just let us know and we will stick one in your next order for you. Or alternatively you are welcome to send us a self addressed and stamped envelope.

We hope that you will come and see us and our painted models. Free tea and biscuits are always available.


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