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Shipping & Delivery

Our postage rates (in GBP) are £6 to the UK, £12 to most of Europe, £15 to North America and Australasia, or free with orders over £150. A £15 flat rate charge applies to all other countries.

While we aim to send orders out by the same working day and usually succeed in doing so, sometimes unavoidable delays occur: weather, bank holidays, industrial action and suchlike. So, while we generally get your order to you in a few days, for orders shipped within the UK you need to allow 21 days for delivery, 31 days for Europe and 6 weeks for all other destinations. However, this is a very rare occurrence indeed. If it hasn't arrived by that time, you should email our Mail Order department on customers@wargamesfoundry.com or telephone 01636 526886 and we'll sort it out.

In the unlikely case of something going wrong, your first contact should be our Mail Order department. They'll be able to deal with 90% of any problems, and they'll be able to pass you on to the relevant people if they can't.

We aim to ship all our orders out on the same working day they are received. This means that if you want to cancel your order, you need to contact us by 3:30pm GMT. After that time your order will probably be in the post and you will need to return it to us for a refund.